2022 NEW Spooky Acorn Babies

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I have just a handful of these cuties that made their way home from comiccon with me.

A couple of brand new cuties have arrived a little late to the spooky acorn party but we will forgive them because they are just SO CUTE!
Please welcome my new Candy Corn and Black Cat acorn babies to the spooky acorn family! Either of these new spooky pals would make the perfect addition to any spooky collection!

Special edition spooky acorns will only be available once a year for spooky season!

An original design by RachMakes this figurine measures in at just under 1.5 inches.
Acorn babies are hand sculpted, moulded, cast and individually hand painted by Rach.

These pieces are Art toys and as such not toys intended for children, please treat them with the care.