Black and Lilac Vampire Bat

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Keep it spooky all year round and bring a tiny vampire bat home to hang out with you!
This little bat has super soft black fur and a powder grey belly that has the tiniest hint of lavender to it! The wings are dual toned, with a pale grey on the inside and black on the outside.

Whether they're wrapped up as cosy little bat burritos or spreading their wings wide in spooky celebration these little bats are the perfect addition to any magical collection!

These little Vampire Bat art dolls have an 11 inch wing span and measure in at about 5 and a half inches from ear tips to toes.

Vampire Bats have solid resin cast faces and feet, their plushie bodies and wings have a wire skeletons within to make them posable. They also have a little ribbon threaded through their feet so they can be hung from a comfy roosting spot on a wall or shelf!

Art Dolls are not children’s toys, they are original pieces of unique hand crafted art work, the resin cast pieces are fragile and the wire skeleton will wear out over time through usage and movement.