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Craft Goblin Beanie Hat

Craft Goblin Beanie Hat
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5 signs you might be a Craft Goblin
1- Stains! - They're probably paint, could be glue, either way, they're not going anywhere!
2- Chaos from the eyebrows up! - Your hair is out of your face, somehow, anyhow!
3- The cold beverage that used to be hot! - It's within arms reach and you forgot about its existence hours ago!
4- The mess nest! - A carefully cultivated circle of mess surrounds your work space, it is essential to the creative process.
5 - The shelf of shame! - Unfinished projects that make uncomfortable eye contact with you whenever you pass them.
If you ticked at least 2 of these boxes you might just be a craft goblin!

This embroidered beanie hat designed by RachMakes is a great way to show your love of crafts and release your inner craft goblin! The perfect gift for the craft goblin in your life!

The embroidered design is backed up with a woven matrix stitch which stops the design from warping when stretched.

This design is embroidered onto a Beechfield beanie hat, which is made from 48% Polyester/ 52%Acrylic and is one size fits all.

If you wish to further goblinify your hat add some iron on goblin ear patches to your basket! You can use the code GOBLINIFY for a little discount when you buy the hat and ears together!