Lovebug Mothman

£200.00 GBP

This dapper gent is channeling all the romance of the season and just wants to know if you'll be their valentine?

This beloved cryptid from Pont Pleasant West Virginia has come to predict your doom, bring you flowers, and hang out in your living room, can it be a date?

This poseable art doll has a solid resin cast face, claws and feet, he is covered in hand stitched faux fur, has a wire skeleton and polyester stuffing.
He is a tall boy and stands at around 11 inches tall from antennae to toe.

As with all my art dolls this piece has a wire skeleton that allows them to be posed, however with overuse the aluminium armature wire can weaken and break so care must be taken to not over stress the joints.

This is an art doll designed for display and is not a children's toy.