Peachy Orange Star Skellie

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This Skellie has the glorious peachy orange fur and sports a star embellished ribcage to pay homage to the skies above!

Skellies are the dearly departed ancestors of Stagletts , they too are curious and mischievous little critters that enjoy causing havoc, unlike their living relatives they prefer to shy away from sunbeams and can usually be found hunting for mushrooms in the shady undergrowth.

This is a small Skellie and measures at approximately 4.5 inches tall.
This Skellie Staglett has a solid resin cast face and feet, the plush body has a posable wire skeleton within.

Stagletts & Skellies are not children’s toys, they are original pieces of unique hand crafted art work, the resin cast pieces are fragile and the wire skeleton will wear out over time and usage.