Russet Jackalope Bunn

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This bescarfed Jackalope Bunn may look a little nervous but I'm sure if you give them the keys to your snack cupboard they'll settle right in!
This magical Jackalope Bunn loves to flop about snacking on veggies and snoozing on shelves.
This extra floofy russet Bunn has super soft speckled and spotted belly fur!

Bunns are an original creation by RachMakes. They stand from 5-6 inches from butt to tip of the ear when sitting. Aside form being a big bundle of fluff they have posable paws, ears and head on a wire armature.

Bunns are not children’s toys, they are original pieces of unique hand crafted art work, the resin cast pieces are fragile and the wire skeleton will wear out over time through usage and movement.