Spooky Acorn Babies

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Just a handful of spooky acorns made their way back from comiccon with me!

Grab your woolliest jumper and the nearest pumpkin spice thing you can find! Spooky Season is upon us and its time for spooky acorn babies!

Please welcome back the Skelacorn, Vampire Bat Acorn, Acorn o' Lantern, Bride of Frankencorn, and of course Frankencorns Monster! This tiny hoard of misfits and monsters are ready to join the spookiest corner of your collection!

Special edition spooky acorns will only be available once a year for spooky season!

An original design by RachMakes this figurine measures in at just under 1.5 inches.
Acorn babies are hand sculpted, moulded, cast and individually hand painted by Rach.

These pieces are Art toys and as such not toys intended for children, please treat them with the care.