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Duckbilled Cattypus - Bubblegum

Duckbilled Cattypus - Bubblegum
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Introducing the newest addition to the animal kingdom, The Duckbilled Cattypus!
Don't let its cute appearance fool you, this little critter is full of surprises. Its webbed feet allow it to swim like a champ, while its paddle like tail helps it maneuver through the water with ease. With its sharp cat-like ears, it can hear even the slightest of sounds, making it the perfect guard for your magical home!

This chick has super soft bubblegum pink floof and stands at around 2 and a half inches tall.

Duckbilled Cattypus chicks have solid resin cast faces and feet.

Art Dolls are not children’s toys, they are original pieces of unique hand crafted art work, the resin cast pieces are fragile and can be chipped or scratched if not treated with care.