Heart of Gold Key Keeper Staglett.

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This little Staglett has an important job to do!
Key Keeper Stagletts have a very important job, if only they could remember what it was!? These forgetful little critters carry their keys wherever they go in the hopes that one day they'll find out what it is they were supposed to be guarding.

Stagletts are mischievous little forest spirits that love to cause havoc and spend their days basking in sunbeams or foraging for potions ingredients.

This is a small Staglett and measures at approximately 5.5 inches tall.
This Staglett has a solid resin cast face and feet, the plush body has a wire skeleton within.

Stagletts are not children’s toys, they are original pieces of unique hand crafted art work, the resin cast pieces are fragile and the wire skeleton will wear out over time through usage and movement.