Mega Acorn Baby. Pre-Order.

£150.00 GBP

The legends were true, giant acorn babies DO exist!

Mega acorn babies are extremely rare and can only be found in the deepest depths of gargantuan forests where tallest oldest oak trees grow. They like to spend their time basking in the sunbeams that break through the thick leafy canopies above and have heard legends of a world with much smaller trees, and much smaller acorn babies.

Mega acorn babies stand at 6.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

Mega acorn babies are an original design and were sculpted, molded, cast and individually hand painted by RachMakes.

This is a pre-order meaning your acorn baby has not been made yet, once you place your order there is a 5-6 week lead time for the artist to produce the piece, you will receive updates when necessary, and a shipping notification when your parcel is shipped.

All pieces are hand painted and as such there may be very slight variations in the paint compared to the reference photos in the listings, as is the nature of handmade art.