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Trick or Treat Dreamer Bat

Trick or Treat Dreamer Bat
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Keep it spooky all year round and bring a tiny bat home to hang out with you!
Whether they're wrapped up like cosy little burritos or spreading their wings wide in spooky celebration these little bats are the perfect addition to your spooky collection!

With wild black fur and a vibrant orange tummy, this bat has coal black fleece wings lined with spooky orange and black trick or treat fabric, this little bat is sure to add a touch of spooky fun to any room.

Measuring approximately 11 inches from wing to wing and 5.5 inches from ear tips to toes, these dolls have a solid resin cast face and feet, and a wire skeleton in their plushie bodies and wings that make them posable. They even come with a little ribbon for easy hanging on a wall or shelf.

Just keep in mind that these art dolls are not children's toys, they are original pieces of handcrafted artwork that may wear out over time with usage and movement.