£50.00 GBP

Batwing Bebe Bat.

Bebe Bats are the tiny new siblings to the RachMakes bat art doll family!

Super tiny, super fluffy, and super cute! These little bats measure in at around 6cm tall and have a 25cm wingspan making them approximately half the size of their larger counterparts!

Bebe bats are made using a soft plush minky fabric for their bodies and a combination of polar fleece and patterned cotton for their wings, these dolls have a solid resin cast face, and a wire skeleton in their plushie bodies and wings that make the head and wings posable.

If you'd like to add a ribbon to hang your bebe bat by please add a hook and loop to your basket and I will stitch a little ribbon to your bebe bats tail so that he can hang upside down!

Just keep in mind that these art dolls are not children's toys, they are original pieces of handcrafted artwork that may wear out over time with usage and movement.