Lump o' Coal Acorn Baby

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Oh no! A lump of coal at the bottom of your stocking!?
Not this time!
This little lump o' coal acorn baby, piping hot and still glowing in the embers is here to keep you cozy on these cold winter evenings.

An original design by RachMakes these little bundles of cuteness measure in at just under 1.5 inches.

They are hand sculpted, moulded, cast and individually hand painted by RachMakes.

These pieces are Art toys and as such not toys intended for children, please treat them with the care.

(Want to add a hook and loop to this to turn it into a hangable decoration, add a Hook and Loop to your basket along with this piece. Got more than one item on your basket? Dont forget to let me know which one needs the hook and loop adding to it!)