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Medium Ghosties

Medium Ghosties
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Adorable Ghosties to Spookify Your Collection!

Get ready to add some spookiness to your shelves with these new mid size ghosties! They sit perfectly in between the mini ghostie and the original ghostie guardian sizes ans measure in at just over 4cm tall.

These tiny ghosties are available in two different poses, and come in regular or glow-in-the-dark options.

Each ghostie is hand sculpted, molded, cast, and hand painted for a unique touch.

Add some supernatural charm to your collection with these original designs by Rach!

(Want to add a hook and loop to this to turn it into a hangable decoration, add a Hook and Loop to your basket along with this piece. Got more than one item on your basket? Don't forget to let me know which one needs the hook and loop adding to it!)