£15.00 GBP

Grumpy Mushroom

Mushroom mandrakes are the grumpiest characters in the forest. They like to hang out around damp logs and collect mosses for their nests.
(if you adopt a mushroom mandrake I recommend giving them a home on a nice dry shelf away from predators and children)

This Mushroom Mandrake is an original design by RachMakes and measures in at 1.5 inches tall.

Each one is hand sculpted, moulded, cast and individually hand painted by RachMakes.

These are original pieces of art and as such are fragile and not intended for children.

(Want to add a hook and loop to this to turn it into a hangable decoration, add a Hook and Loop to your basket along with this piece. Got more than one item on your basket? Don't forget to let me know which one needs the hook and loop adding to it!)