£5.00 GBP

Micro Acorn Baby - Rainbow Blind Box

This is a Blind Box edition of micro acorns meaning that colour selection is totally random, lucky dip style, and you won't know what colour you have until you open the box!

Super small and super colourful!
Micro acorn baby blind boxes are here and it's all about the rainbow hats!

These teeny tiny acorn babies just 17mm tall and 10mm wide, there are 7 colours of hat except the special gold baby who is shining from gold all over from booty to hat!

Each blind box contains 1 micro acorn.
Each box comes with a little signed card listing the batch and colour number.
eg: Batch 3, Red 1/10, this would let you know you have one of the 10 red acorns I painted for the third batch.

An original design hand sculpted, moulded, cast and individually hand painted.